Why Food and Beverage Manufacturers Choose Glass Packaging

For several years now, many manufacturers of food and beverage products have opted to package their products in glass bottles and containers. As a consumer, you may not be aware of the reasons why glass is a favored packaging material for these manufacturers.

Here are a few points to explain to you why glaziers will never go out of business:

Healthy option

Glass packaging provides an exceptional barrier against alien influences so that the quality of its contents is not compromised in any way, freeing of the many health fears that are presently prevalent with other types of packaging containers. With this type packaging, you can forget about the nasty tastes that you may sometimes feel after drinking from a plastic bottle or eating food from a metal can! Its impermeability provides reliable protection against any harmful interactions that may occur when food and beverage products come into contact with packaging to change their taste. For example, glass is a chemically-inert and so, its contents can stay on the shelf for a long time without being cross-contaminated. Hence, it guarantees exactly what is needed for food and beverages; the full preservation of their original composition until the expiration time.

Shelf impact 

Glass has a unique marketing appeal that very few packaging materials can match. With its clarity and the different shapes and textures that it can take, many customers are easily drawn to it! The transparency of glass, be it plain or colored, allows food and beverage manufacturers to display their products clearly, while the refractive properties of the material adds to its premium appearance.

Aside from ensuring clear showcasing of products, the transparency of glass also allows consumers to check the quality of the food and beverages that has been placed inside, thus making them attach a higher value on the products being sold.


Glass is a sustainable, mono-material (not comprising of various materials) that can be fully recycled over and over again without losing its quality. Recycled glass bottles can be converted into new glass containers, saving energy and reducing the demand for more raw materials. What is more, glass is in itself a resource efficient material since it is made of raw material (sand and glass waste) whose supply is in plenty.

These qualities not only make glass an ideal choice of packaging material in the food and beverage industry but also in many other industries such as the home improvement industry where home designers are increasingly striving to provide eco-friendly solutions to homeowners.