Graffiti On Your Business Glass? Here's Everything You Need To Know

If you have a commercial business within the urban limits, it is not surprising to find that unscrupulous vandals have applied graffiti all over your shop front. Such incidences happen from time to time. After reporting the matter to the police, you should then embark on seeking a technician to carry out the needed emergency glass repairs. In this article, find out all you need to know about such damage.

Can the damage be reversed?

The good news is that graffiti damage on glass can be reversed, no matter how extensive or bad it looks. The other piece of the good news is that you can get your glass panes looking like new again without having to replace them at all. This means lower costs and not having to go through the inconvenience of having construction work undertaken on your business' shop front. With a straight repair service, you will get your business back to normal within no time.

Why you should seek emergency help

As alluded to before, graffiti damage on your business glass should be treated as an emergency, no matter how small it may seem. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Removing the graffiti helps to restore the proper professional image of your business to the public and other business operators in the area.
  2. Removing the graffiti helps to discourage other vandals from propagating the vandalism.

How graffiti damage on glass is repaired

Once a technician arrives at your business premises, they will first survey the damage to see how much graffiti has been applied and over which span. They will then use special polishing tools and abrasives to wear off the top surface of the glass, the part that has the graffiti ink. The duration of the process will depend on just how much graffiti has been applied on any one part of the glass. Once done, they will use softer pads to polish the glass and give it a fine, smooth, shiny finish. Your glass will then look like it did before, if not better.

Deterring future graffiti vandalism

You can also deter future graffiti damage on your glass by using anti-graffiti window screens. These are thin, clear plastic films that are applied over the outer glass surface using adhesives. To the random onlooker, the plastic film is invisible. However, once graffiti has been applied by vandals, it does not stick to the film and can be easily wiped away or the film can be peeled off and replaced with another.

Got graffiti damage? Seek emergency glass repairs and put the unsightly nightmare behind you and away from your business immediately.