3 Actionable Steps to Fix a Small Gouge in Your Glass Dining Tabletop

Glass dining tables are sophisticated additions to the décor of your home, but a small gouge or chip on the tabletop can make them look unsightly. Glass repairs can ensure that your tabletop looks good as new. This guide is designed to help you in your quest to fill small gouges in your glass dining tabletop. For larger cracks and chips, you should ideally get a professional glass repairs service for a neat and professional job.

Clean the Chip Thoroughly

Before using any type of chip-filling product, be sure to clean the chip or gouge thoroughly to remove all glass shards and filaments from it. This will allow the filler to cover up the chip more efficiently. Use a solution of mild detergent and warm water dipped in a lint-free cloth to clean out the chip thoroughly. Rub the chip gently because you too much pressure may result in a deeper crack than necessary. You may also use a glass cleaner to clean the chip or gouge. Let it dry thoroughly before moving to the next step.

Apply Glass-Friendly Epoxy Resin into the Gouge

Glass-friendly epoxy resin is a clear and transparent product that is ideal for filling small chips or gouges in glass tabletops. The resin is typically available in a cartridge and can be purchased from a local home improvement store. You will also need to get a caulking gun to mount the cartridge into for easy application. Using the caulk gun, fill the gouge with epoxy resin and let it penetrate through the entire chip. Use a gloved thumb to firm the epoxy resin in place. Remove excess resin with a scraper, but be gentle to avoid scratching the glass. This step for glass repairs will ensure that any dents and gouges are filled to the surface.

Let the Epoxy Resin Dry

You will need to let the epoxy resin dry on the glass tabletop based on the instructions of the manufacturing company. Typically, you will need to let it dry overnight, but it may take longer depending on the quality and ventilation in the room. Ensure the room is properly ventilated and choose a dry day to undertake this task if you wish to accelerate the epoxy resin drying time. Your glass tabletop should look good as new once again.

These steps are designed to help you fill small cracks or gouges in your glass dining tabletops. If the gouge is large, then a professional glass repair company will need to assess whether it can be repaired or whether complete replacement is necessary.