Quick Tips for Choosing New Glass for Commercial Facilities

If you need new glass for your commercial storefront or restaurant, even if you need emergency glass repair, you might want to take a few minutes to compare the different types of glass you might have installed. This is your chance to increase the security of your building, the comfort of those inside, and even the energy efficiency of your space. Don't just accept the cheapest replacement glass when you call a repair company, but note a few quick tips for choosing the best new glass for any commercial facility.

1. Low-e glazing or coating 

You may see low-e glazing or coating advertised for windows. This type of metallic coating lowers the level of heat conducted through the glass, which can keep the interior of a building cooler on summer days and lower your energy costs. Both soft coat low-e and hard coat low-e glazing are good for making windows more thermal efficient and keeping the interior of the building protected from the sun.

2. Double- and triple-glazing

The glazing of a window refers to how many panes it has, and double- or triple-glazed windows can increase the energy efficiency of the building overall. However, you need to consider what is used as filler material between the glass panes. Both argon and krypton gas are considered better insulators than plain air. If you're going to invest in double-glazed or triple-glazed windows for your commercial facility, be sure you check the filler. You also want to check the spacing between panes; for argon, you want about 1/2 inch of space, and for krypton, choose about 3/8 inch. Anything wider than this will affect the performance of these gases as insulators.

3. Window direction

If the window of your storefront or restaurant faces a busy street but doesn't get much direct sunlight, you might want to invest in a window glass that works as a noise insulator without worrying about heat conductivity. This might include a thicker film on the window that absorbs noise, but which is made with a softer plastic that doesn't offer much sun protection, versus a metallic coating that affects heat conductivity. If the window does face the sun, you might choose the low-e glaze and also opt for a tinted window to keep the interior as comfortable as possible. Ask for recommendations when you call a glass replacement company, as even an emergency repair company like Professional Glass & Maintenance can typically offer you many options for your commercial window needs.