How Security Window Screens Can Add a New Security Dimension to Your Home

For decades now, Australian homes have featured flyscreens. They were initially designed with a lightweight aluminium frame and wire mesh attached on their interior. This design was meant to allow windows to remain open in hot seasons while preventing the entry of harmful insects. However, things have changed today and deterring both burglars and insects are of equal importance. 

Burglary is often prevalent in Australian homes, and making sure your home is safe as well as adaptive to hot weather conditions can be challenging. For these reasons, custom-made security screens have been introduced to offer cost-effective solutions to fix this problem -- especially if you can't afford costly security alarm systems. 

These window security screens have been designed so they adhere to high standards for robustness to withstand Australian conditions and offer adequate home security.  Moreover, they are designed with top-grade extruded aluminium that makes then durable and rust-resistant. Thus, they have a longer lifespan, and you won't be worried about frequent replacements. 

Security screens are also impact-resistant so they can withstand impacts caused by human error and tossed objects. Additionally, they can endure vigorous attempts to rip the screen off. For this reason, your screen has the highest resistance to vandalism and aggressive break-in attempts. Furthermore, they are resistant to cutting since they are made from durable high-grade aluminium. Another bonus quality is that they are tough enough to prevent clumsy pets from chewing or scratching them.

Window security screens are also known for other benefits to Australian homeowners besides their security and safety features. For example, custom window security screens are tailor-made to fit your current window space, and you don't have to alter any structural design. Additionally, they can be designed in different colour varieties that match your home's design concept. 

With a wide range of designs available, you are presented with crystal views through your windows with the ability to control the degree of interior exposure to external prying eyes and intruders. Similarly, window security screens offer augmented personal privacy without undermining your basic lifestyle. 

In general, window security screens offer cheap options for Australian homeowners. They are intended for individuals who aim at promoting home's security as well as remove the need for structural modifications. Australian-made window screens that conform to AS5039-2008 standards are highly durable and dependable to offer high-end protection for your family and property. 


As we have discussed, security screens have a superior edge over other traditional counterparts due to the reasons given above. They add a new security dimension to your home to make it more safe and secure. To learn more about security screens, consult a resource in your area.