Customising a Glass Shower to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

The ability to see the entire bathroom without obstructing screens is one of the primary advantages of a glass shower. This panoramic view can help make the bathroom feel larger, which is particularly helpful in compact spaces. However, to obtain the best impact, you'll need to make the right selections while customising the shower. Consider the following tips.


Glass showers are available with various amounts of framing. The screens can be fully framed with metal borders around the edges of each panel. On the other hand, a frameless type uses small but robust hinges and hardware to hold mostly smooth glass panels in place. Despite the fact that both of these choices use transparent glass, the frameless enclosure will expand your bathroom the most. This is because the metal borders of a framed shower subtly define a separate bathroom and shower space. Because the room is cut in two, the entire area will feel less spacious and open.

A semi-framed shower is a compromise that includes framing around the enclosure's sides and the top and bottom. Because these models don't usually have edging on the vertical sides of the door, they provide the impression of more space than a completely framed variant.


Another aspect that impacts space is the glass type used in the enclosure. While toughened safety glass is used in all glass showers, you do have some choice. Transparent screens usually have a green tint to them, which makes the panels show more. If you want the screens to seem as inconspicuous as possible, you could install low-iron glass that doesn't display this cast. However, these screens will cost more than standard transparent ones.

Avoid installing frosted or etched panels if your main priority is spaciousness. Even though they add ornamentation to the room, they define the shower area. They're a good idea if you're mainly concerned about creating a private shower rather than opening up the bathroom.

Thus, frameless shower screens using low iron or standard transparent glass are the best option if you want to create a sense of spaciousness in your bathroom. Consider other features in the room also. For example, pale, glossy tiles will reflect light between surfaces and give the impression of a bigger bathroom. Additionally, continuing the same tiles on the floor and walls without an obvious transition will create a flow that makes the area seem larger and expansive. To learn more, contact a company that provides shower screens.