Quick Tips for Choosing New Glass for Commercial Facilities

If you need new glass for your commercial storefront or restaurant, even if you need emergency glass repair, you might want to take a few minutes to compare the different types of glass you might have installed. This is your chance to increase the security of your building, the comfort of those inside, and even the energy efficiency of your space. Don't just accept the cheapest replacement glass when you call a repair company, but note a few quick tips for choosing the best new glass for any commercial facility.

Light It Up: Helpful Advice for Choosing Lighting for Glass Splashbacks

Lighting your glass splash backs creates a cool effect in your kitchen, and it increases the light for cooking, reading recipes and other kitchen tasks. If you want to add lights to your glass splashbacks, there are a few decisions you need to make during the shopping process. Here's what to consider: 1. Overmounted or inside the glass? One of the first decisions you need to make about lighting your glass splashback is where you want the lights mounted.

Get rid of scratch marks off your glass furniture

Glass furniture can afford your living space a classy, modern look. However, it's also susceptible to scratches, which may take the lustre off that sophistication. The good news is that homeowners can minimize or get rid of the scratches as long as they are not too deep. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove surface scratches on any of your glass furniture. Tools needed: Jewelers Rouge Household ammonia Electric buffer and a polishing pad Warm water Lint-free cloth Spray bottle Dust mask Safety goggles Rubble gloves The elimination process

3 Actionable Steps to Fix a Small Gouge in Your Glass Dining Tabletop

Glass dining tables are sophisticated additions to the décor of your home, but a small gouge or chip on the tabletop can make them look unsightly. Glass repairs can ensure that your tabletop looks good as new. This guide is designed to help you in your quest to fill small gouges in your glass dining tabletop. For larger cracks and chips, you should ideally get a professional glass repairs service for a neat and professional job.

Graffiti On Your Business Glass? Here's Everything You Need To Know

If you have a commercial business within the urban limits, it is not surprising to find that unscrupulous vandals have applied graffiti all over your shop front. Such incidences happen from time to time. After reporting the matter to the police, you should then embark on seeking a technician to carry out the needed emergency glass repairs. In this article, find out all you need to know about such damage.